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Presented over the next four pages are my choices for the best PN’s to be observed during the four seasons of the year.   In each seasonal page, there is a list of twenty-five planetary nebulae, ranging in difficulty from easy to quite challenging to impossible?  The use of nebula filters is recommended for a majority of these objects,  and although dark skies  would certainly help in locating and viewing these objects, they are not mandatory.  In fact, one of the positive aspects of PN viewing is that there are many that can be satisfactorily viewed and examined under light polluted skies.  I would be extremely appreciative for any feedback on these lists,  their contents and/or observing reports based on the lists.  (See printing suggestions below).  

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Winter  (Northern) 
Summer (Southern)
Spring (Northern) Autumn (Southern) 
Summer (Northern) 
Winter (Southern) 
Autumn (Northern) 
Spring (Southern) 
R.A.: 03hr > 09hr R.A.: 09hr > 15hr R.A.: 15hr > 21hr R.A.: 21hr > 03hr


        Each page has been (hopefully) optimized for printing, so that the list can be printed out        and used on your next or future observing sessions. On each page, below the object table, there is additional info.

Printing suggestions:
In order to print out the tables correctly, and to restrict the total output to two pages
for each season, I recommend that you:
Set the printer margins (in page setup) to 0.5 in.( 1.27cm) (top, bottom, left, right), or at 0 (zero) and turn off any additional header/footer information that the printer usually prints.

Thumbnail and larger images:

The northern Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons now have thumbnail images of all twenty five objects on a separtately linked page. By clicking at the top of the Object Designation column in the table, this will take you to the page with the thumbnails. Then by clicking on the desired thumbnail, a larger 300 x 300 Sky View image will appear of that appropiate object.  If you want to skip the thumbnails, then just click on the individual object designation in the table and the individual image will be displayed.  Very soon I will have Finder Charts for each object on the chart.
Thank You!