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Observatory & Personal Updates (Now at the bottom of the page)


July 2011
13th: Posted a most recent successful observation and related image of the PN GJJC1 within M22; this was achieved by amateur astronomer Mr. Rolf Olsen of New Zealand on 30 June 2011.  Congratulations & Thanks, Rolf!

December 2010
Although recently having some health issues, I have managed to stay alive and resurrect  web maintenance software to repair this site and keep it online!  Currently fixing all links back to the home page - it may take awhile. 
posting data and information on the great PN discovery by Dave Jurasevich and two other amateur astronomers a couple of years ago; both data and image are posted in appropriate pages.

September 2009
5th: Not to worry......still alive (barely) !

August 2006
Bad boy for not updating this site more often! I am working on updating the 'links' page and removing dead links.

July 2005
Posted a recently reported visual observation of the challenging planetary GJJC1 within the globular cluster M22.  The report was sent in by Dennis Means and the date of observation was June 11, 2005.
15th: Imported Kent Wallace's updated SECGPN, Version 7. The link to these files can be found here.

December 2004
Posted the 15th Pease 1 observation report.  This latest report sent in by Fred Hissink from the Netherlands.

November 2004
Image of the Eskimo Nebula sent in from Laurence Wormald of London, England.  This image was taken using the Faulkes 2 meter telescope in Hawaii which was being remotely operated from the University College School in Hampstead, England.

August 2004
4th: Color image of Mz3 (Mz 3, Menzel 3, the Ant Nebula in Norma). This was contributed by Scott Alder, an amateur in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
14th: Added 12 new images from Scott Alder.  These appear in the Image Gallery

October 2003
Added the 608th PN image to the Image Index page.  This completes the project to add an image of every SECGPN object which has a size of 10" (ten arc-seconds) or larger.  Many of these images are processed from the Digital Sky Survey II (DSS2) and annotated with object I.D., size, and constellation. These images are linked to from both the SECGPN database and the equivalent observing report(s).

September 2003
Added a link to the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club's great PN pages.

August 2003
Added the 500th PN image to the Image Index page. Most of these new images are from the DSS2 (Digital Sky Survey- II).  There are also links to these images from the observation report pages. 
New downloadable data file - A modified Version 6 of the SECGPN that Kent Wallace compiled. This modified file includes Distance, Type, Central Star Magnitude, and Surface Brightness data when available. This file now duplicates the 23 data tables found on this here site.

July 2003
Added 35 non-ngc/ic PN images to Image Index page. Brings total PN images to 266. The goal is to add images of all non-ngc/ic PN's larger than 10 arc-seconds.
Posted 49 new LRGB (color) images into the Image Index page from Mr. Adam Block at NOAO (Kitt Peak). Many of these images have replaced ones of much poor quality  that were from the POSS plates.

May 2003
Due to a server change, the web site was off-line for a few days.  Then I had to upload the whole site to the new server.  There MAY be some pages that are still not responding or loading right - after my return from the RTMC astronomy expo in Big Bear, California (Memorial weekend), I will review the site and make any necessary corrections.
Posted an observing report of LoTr5 (in Coma Bernices) from Wolfgang "Howdii" Howurek in Austria.

November 2002
Posted a new Pease 1 observation report from Charles Rose in Mississippi.

July 2002
Added new M27 tricolor image by Dave Jurasevich (Calif.)
Updating the SEC data tables, one at a time, to ensure they agree with Version 6 of Kent Wallace's PN database.  This may take a few weeks!
Information on PN files that may be downloaded from this site can be found here.

March 2002
Discovery of a new comet (now named Comet Snyder-Murakami C/2002 E2); story and images on my Arizona web site.

October 2001
Added a new link to Rich Jacobs astro-imaging web site, CCD Amateur Astronomy.  Rich images the full range of celestial objects in color, and offers a page devoted to planetary nebulae. A must see site!

September 2001
Added 12 new images to the image index page.  Eleven of the images are additions to the existing ones of IC and NGC objects, only these eleven are to supplement the images taken from professional surveys.  Many survey images of PN's are greatly over exposed and do not show faint inner and outer structure or detail. The eleven new images, taken here at the observatory, were exposed for much shorter times, and processed to bring out any nearby details.  They were imaged using an ST-8 CCD camera at high resolution, and with an LX200 10" SCT operating at f/10.
The twelfth image added is of a planetary in Cassiopeia designated Sh2-176, and which is very large, and extremely difficult to observe.  This image can also be found on the image index page.
Another item added to the site is David Healy's observation report of Pease 1 in M15.  Dave is a good friend, and a neighboring amateur well known for his work in astrophotography.

August 2001
Added 22 observation reports from Steve Gottlieb - twelve of these are observations on objects that Steve had not previously seen or looked for.  The remaining ten are updates to his earlier visual's on these objects.  
Did a major overhaul of external links throughout the site - had to eliminate several as I couldn't find them on the NET; added some new ones, and verified all others. This might be valid for about 1 day!
From the Hubble/ESA pages ( ), I've added the latest information and image about the 'Rotten Egg' Nebula.

July 2001
Two new files added to the FTP folder.  Three hundred PN reports (with an 8" f/10 SCT)  in WORD format from Kent Wallace, and Kent's EXCEL file of the SEC Database (same DB used on this site).  Click Here For information on FTP'ing.

June 2001
Added the contribution of two more great observing reports of the challenging planetary nebulae GJJC1 found within the globular cluster M22.  These reports are from Jay Reynolds Freeman, using a 10" Mak, and Eric Honeycutt with a 22".  I have also included a report from Jay on his observation of Pease1 in M15.
Updated Kent Wallace's reports on about 20 PN's.  These were observations made with his 8" SCT and include such objects as the Egg Nebula, Frosty Leo, and the Footprint Nebula.  There are no specific pages for these updated or new reports.  They are linked from the SEC Database, and should be able to be located by using the site's search feature.

May 2001
Wow, am I slow or what? No updates since the last millennium! Well, I hope to get caught up before heading off to the Texas Star Party on May 13. I've added some additional reports (Abell 30 from Alan Davenport, LoTr5 from Eric Honeycutt), and have many updates from Kent Wallace to post.  I've also updated several web page links, but still some are 'dead-links', so I'll attempt to correct those.  Benji Mauclaire has also send me an English version of the contents of his fantastic CDROM on planetary nebulae - I've added that to the pages, so if you haven't ordered your CD yet (from Benji), you're missing a great astro asset.

November 2000
6th: From Howdii Howurek in Austria, an additional Pease1 report! This report is with his 18" f/4.4 and occurred near the end of October. Includes more useful information on confirming the sighting.
October 2000
25th: Two more Pease 1 reports added! - One from California (sent in by Christine Churchill) includes a CCD image, and one from Austria (Wolfgang Howurek) in which an 8" telescope does the job!
Several more new links added to the Astro Links page too.
7th: Extensive changes to the FreeFind Search engine used on this site; object searches should be much more successful now - see the information on the 'search-me' page.
Added a Pease1 observation report from Dave Jurasevich in which he uses the Mt. Wilson 60" reflector!
Eric Honeycutt has started an email type discussion/news Egroup for planetary nebulae. You're welcome to join in at .

September 2000
7th: Added a finder chart for the globular cluster Palomar 6 - Supplied by Kent Wallace.  The extremely difficult planetary nebulae JaFu1 is located within the boundaries of Pal 6, which is in it self difficult to locate!  Kent also send in nine new (positive & negative) observations using his 20" f/5 of some very small and/or faint PN's; these have been added to the observation pages (see below for designations).  I have included my positive report on a very large and faint PN in Cepheus named IsWe2.  Last but not least is a new image of Pease1 (aka Kustner648) in the globular M15. This is a close up image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Awesome!  We'll never see it like that in our amateur 'scopes!
The new observations from Kent are: K3_6 (+), Abell47(-), Pe1_14(-), K3_33(-), K3_41(+), K3_43(-), K3_17(-), K3_20(?), HaTr14(-). A '+' indicates seen, '-' indicates not seen, and '?' means probable, but not totally positive.

August 2000
23rd: Kent Wallace has sent in only the fourth positive sighting of the challenging PN located within the globular cluster M22: GJJC1.  Kent was using his 20" f/5 under dark skies at Navaho Flats in California. Kent also tried to view the extreme challenge PN's JaFu1 and JaFu2 without success. A great challenge for large telescopes (20"+).
I have posted a new photo of the typical night skies here in SE Arizona during the Summer - WOW!    
13th: An excellent Pease1 observation report from Dave Jurasevich down in San Diego, CA country.  Along with this new report (the 7th one received for Pease1), I have modified one finder chart and added a new one to help locating this planetary in globular cluster M15.  Michael Heinick in Maryland has sent in a amazing image of NGC7008 in Cygnus taken with his ST7E CCD and a Celestron C11.
Many folks have been signing the Guest Book since the appearance of a picture of this site's homepage in September's (2000) issue of Sky & Telescope, along with some nice comments.   So I appreciate that 'promotion', and my many, many thanks to all who have taken the time to sign the guest book.  And thanks to Dave and Michael for their contributions!
I'm still not satisfied with the site search engine and have written the owners about additional features.  Have not heard back from them yet.
4th: An additional 29 faint PN reports from K.W. Of these 29 objects, Kent had 2 positive observations (Haro1-39 & Th4-11) with his 20" under a dark sky.  All of these reports are now linked from the database. 

2nd: A terrific PN CDROM offer has been received from Benji Mauclaire - read the details here.  Benji also sent in his sketch of PN K1-20 and an observing report on this object.
Kent Wallace has submitted an observing report on IC4677, which is now known to be an outlying segment of the Cat's Eye Nebula in its outer shell region.  Not that difficult in moderate sized telescopes.
And not linked here, but added to the site are at least a dozen Steve Gottlieb reports (updated observations) on PN's he has recently re-observed in 2000.

July 2000
25th: Added Eric Honeycutt's web site to links page. He has a great page on observing Abell planetaries, in addition to other PN and DSO projects.
6th: Incorporated a new site search engine which will hopefully work better than the default one.  If you're looking for something or a particular planetary, please try out this search routine and let me know if it works for you or not. Thanks.  (I'm testing it out too).

3rd: A positive observing report of GJJC1 in the globular cluster M22 (Sagittarius)! This report sent in by Barbara Wilson and Larry Mitchell.
Also, from Benjamin Mauclaire (France), a report on K1-17 (Sagitta) along with an associated sketch of this PN.  Benji also sent in a fine sketch of planetary He1-5 in Sagitta. This PN is also known as FG Sagittae.

June 2000
25th: An additional 50+ reports from KW; these are mostly on very small, faint, and difficult objects (the best kind!). Most of these are negative sighting rpt's with his 20", but we'll keep trying.
20th: Added over 500 PN observing reports; mostly from Kent Wallace while using his 20" f/5 telescope in California, and some from Maurice Clark using a 12" f/18 in Western Australia.  Thanks, guys!
5th: New links added to links page, including Universe Today.

May 2000
7th: Added my observation report for the challenging planetary GJJC1 located within the globular cluster M22.  This was a tough one!

April 2000
22nd: Wonderful poems by Sara Teasdale added to Star Haven.
5th: From a request I placed on the 'amastro' egroup, received 4 positive observation reports from 3 amateurs regarding the PN LoTr5. These reports from Art Russell, Jens Bohle and Jay McNeil are now posted.

March 2000
30th: Added PN's LoTr5 in Coma Berenices  and Abell 34 to the Image Gallery.  For LoTr5, includes an image from the discovery paper published in 1980. This is a very large and extremely faint planetary. Abell 34 is no piece of cake either!

February 2000
27th: New page added: Nebulae Simplified. Differences between the types of nebulae found in the night sky.  Received many requests for a simple explanation of PN's and other nebulae.
19th: Addition of 7 new PN Sketches from Michael Büchner in Gallery 9. Michael has now contributed 21 excellent and detailed sketches he has drawn from his observing site in Germany.  Most of these planetaries are difficult to view visually from any site!
10th: Addition of 17 observing reports from Maurice Clark in Western Australia using a 12" f/6 Newtonian.   These reports are of southern sky objects and were forwarded to me by Kent Wallace.

December 1999
8th: Installment 20 !! of Andrew James' "Neat Southern Planetaries".  This installment concentrates on IC4191 in Musca and its surrounding clusters and double stars.
7th: New Index Page Graphic - Cursor Controllable Cube - Comments on loading speed?
5th: Jay McNeil's list of 450+ Planetaries is now available via FTP from my domain, This is a comma-delimited text file that can be imported into a database.  There is also a readme file that you should download. To download these files, you can read about it on the page where I start Jay's list, or go directly to my FTP site by clicking here.  Download the files mcneilpn.txt and pnreadme.txt.
November 1999
30th: Tom Polakis' Abell PN Data Table associated with the image mosaic now linked from that image. his table also shows Tom's success in observing these planetaries.
30th: Tom Polakis' image mosaic of 82 Abell Planetaries (actually only 81 are PN's) is now linked from the Image Index.  This image, courtesy of Tom, shows all the Abell objects in one file!
28th: Kent Wallace has updated all 23 SEC database tables appearing here on the site.  This includes updated positive/negative sightings, corrections  to positions, magnitudes, and numerous typos.  The table includes all 1143 planetaries appearing in the Strasbourg- ESO Catalogue available on the VizieR web site.
22nd: Latest in the series "Neat Southern Planetaries"! This is installment #19 from Andrew James, Planetary Nebulae Section Leader of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales.
21st: Integrated 72 Damien Ponsot observation reports & 9 Yann Pothier reports into the main observation report sections. Previously, these were on individual pages.**
21st: Added 200th image to Image Index. More Abell PNe's to be added soon.
21st: Observing Reports: Added 26 southern object reports from Maurice Clark from   Western Australia.  Links provided from the SEC database.
21st: NEW Challenge Pages: Added 2 more PNe's located in globular clusters.
17th: Kent Wallace's Planetary Nebulae Book is available and is great!
15th: Unique image by Stan Moore of M15 distinctly showing Pease1's location.
13th: Added 34 observation reports from Steve Gottlieb; these are 1999 reports.
13th: Image Index now contains 190 images of Pne; many linked to Obs. reports.
12th: Pease1 report from Steve Gottlieb. This is the 6th observation reported to this site. This PNe in M15 is quite the observing challenge and Steve found it in his 17.5".

7th: Added links to two new papers that arose out of the conference 'Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II: From Origins to Microstructures'; when these papers are viewed in PDF (Adobe Reader) form from the links, you are also shown the discussed images.
1st: From my new Arizona  home (Sierra Vista) I have completed the addition of 98 southern sky observing reports from Kent Wallace. Many of these reports are the first known visual sightings of these planetaries.

October 1999
21st: Posted updated NGC 6543 (Cats Eye) drawing by David Knisely - now includes the faint knot IC 4677 neighboring the PN. (Image Gallery 8)
21st: Pease1 report from Kent Wallace in California - Kent has contributed another excellent Pease1 report, and he is also highly regarded as a advanced PN observer (Co-compiler of the SEC Database used here on this site.)
21st: Updated the Astronomy Links page - addition of three great new sites.
22nd: New Page Featuring A New HST (Hubble Space Telescope) Image of  the RottenEgg Nebula.
24th: Started adding 98 Southern Sky observing reports from Kent Wallace. Kent lives in California, but took a trip to Australia earlier in the year to do some serious PN observing.

August 1999
17th: Wow! Another excellent Pease1 observing report - From Phyllis Lang & Eric Honeycutt.
21st: Installment NSP18 posted. A continuing outstanding series of articles by Andrew James.
21st: Added images of He2-90 (Centaurus) and Mink2-9 (Ophiuchus) to Image Index.

July 1999
11th: Added image & info to image index for Kohoutek 1-20 in Andromeda.
19th: A new Pease 1 observing report from Mike Wirths in Ontario, Canada.

June 1999
17th: Andrew James' Neat Southern Planetaries: Installment NSP 17.

February 1999
7th: Andrew James' Neat Southern Planetaries: Installments NSP15 and NSP16 !!
A wealth of information that you've just got to read. Includes new images.
7th: Damien Ponsot has sent in 55 new Observation Reports. Excellent !! These reports are now integrated into the observation report pages.
7th: Even More Observing Reports from Yann Pothier - Includes Abell, Minkowski, Henize.  These reports are now integrated into the observation report pages.
7th: New image  of Abell 12 taken with a C8 and MX5 CCD by Antonio Giambersio, Italy.
This image shows a great amount of detail surrounding the planetary. Very Nice!
1st: Started working at a new job doing web page design and networking administrator.

January 1999
19th: New Java Applet on Graphical Index page - Galaxies and Stars.
8th: From Damien Ponsot in France: 17 new  & excellent Observation Reports!
         These reports consist of many faint and difficult objects (Abell, IC, Jones, etc.). These reports are now integrated into the main obs. report section.
8th: New Pease 1 Observing report  and a sketch of it within M15! Daniel Restemeier.
8th: On the Graphical Index page, a new HST image of M57, The Ring Nebula. A full size  image of this nebula can be found on the STScI web site.
7th: Not directly related to this web site, but I finish all my exams and have now earned  the title of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer!  Now to find a JOB! <g>

December 1998
7th: New Gallery Images (25+): Rich Jakiel, Frank Loch, Tim Hunter & James McGaha
7th: Updated Image Index to include latest images and sketches.
4th: 3 New pages: Jay McNeil's data on 450 PN's - Challenges for all levels of observing!

November 1998
24th: Observation Report from Jay McNeil On the Challenging GJJC 1 In M22.
22nd: New page on Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 3132 (Eight Burst Nebula)
10th: Added 26 new MIDI's. Okay, so not all of them are astronomy related. :)
2nd: New Gallery Page! - Brad Ehrhorn's CCD tricolor   imaging of four beautiful planetaries.
1st: Added Image Gallery Contributor Index  to highlight those whose efforts are seen here.

October 1998
23rd: Placed latest HST images of NGC 6210 into existing feature page of this PN.
18th: Neat Southern Planetaries: first fourteen articles complete.
11th: Added page featuring new image of M27 from ESO's Very Large Telescope.
11th:  First eight installments of Southern sky planetaries complete.
2nd: In Data Base, added column for Surface Brightness for over 1000 PNe's.

September 1998
30th: New series on Southern sky planetaries - contributed by Andrew James (Australia)
5th: Installed visitor counter to index page (12pm)
1st: Added Link to SETI@Home - this adventurous project is great & wants participators!

August 1998
31th: Image Gallery 10: Ten new PNe sketches by Rich Jakiel added on a second page.
28th: Five new images in Image Index page (M76, NGC1501, NGC1535, Mink 2-51, Shapley1)
25th: Added new primary Index page so viewer has choice of plug-ins or not.
19th: Added Image Gallery 10 - Deep Sky sketches of 10 Planetaries by Rich Jakiel.
18th: Combined data from DB2(600) with DB1(1143), and eliminated DB2.
13th: Added a 2 page feature on an extremely challenging PNe in M22 - GJJC1.
10th: Added a Link to a new web site featuring the latest in astronomy & space news.
6th: Linked the ESO database of 1,143 objects to the appropiate 400+ Observing Reports.
1st: Observing reports from David Knisely (NGC6543, Cat's Eye) and Steve Gottlieb
          (Y-C 2-32, a challenging PNe in Sagattarius) - Excellent reports, gentlemen!
1st: 10 Great PNe sketches from Michael Büchner on a new Gallery Page (#9)
1st: Added To The Links Page: a new abstract on the discovery of 100+ new planetaries.

July 1998
++31st: 4 Great PNe drawings from David Knisely on a new Gallery Page (#8)
      Also included on this page is a PNe Spectral Line Diagram by David.
++18th: Added 4 of my CCD Images to Image Index(ngc's 6210, 6804, 6894, 7008)
++16th: Added Search Page to assist in finding information - it's not perfect, but hey!
++15th: Feature Page on NGC 7662, the Blue Snowball (Images, Data & More!)
++10th: S.E.C. Database with pos / neg sightings added: 23 pages, 1,143 Entries.
++ 5th: Thirteen new Midi's added to Index page and midi-list page.
++ 3rd: Added Text Version Index Page: this will help those without graphical browsers  or with their Java turned off to hopefully navigate the site more easily. Let me know!

    June 1998
  ++ 7th: Added Image Index Page: one page with hyperlinks to all NGC, IC images and  several              additional planetary nebulae catalog images appearing on this web site.
  ++ 19th: New version of Index page designed to reduce browser load time.

     May 1998
     ^ 10th: Finally got that 7th Image Page complete: NGC's 2438, 6772, 6804,
        2818, 6445, and 6337.  Also included is an image of Abell 78.
APRIL 1998
^ 25th: New Images Page (#6) - NGC's 2867, 6826, 1360, 5189
^ 20th: New Images Page (#5) - NGC's 2440, 4361, 7662, 6781, 2610
^ 12th: Added Stringray Nebula Image and  Information Page
^ 12th: Seasonal Best (Winter): Added Linked Images For Each Object
^ 4th: Planetary Nebula Of The Week - NGC6302(Bug Nebula)

MARCH 1998




Observatory & Personal Updates Moved Here

September 18, 2001: Photos of the Palominas Observatory, and some film sky shots taken from our backyard can be found at our community site,

May 6, 2001: Utilizing the Palominas Star Haven Observatory as much as possible, and have received an observatory code of 925 from the Minor Planet Center in order to send in position observations of asteroids. (Yes, in addition to PN's and other deep sky objects).  

October 25: Rain & Clouds! Hey, I'm suppose to be living out in the desert of Arizona, not in a rain forest!  The observatory is still not 100%, although some progress has been made in getting the 10" LX200 and attached CCD to be operated remotely from the 'warm room'.

October 7: Palominas Observatory is operational, but lots of work still being done to complete the southern wall 'flap' and to improve the roof roll-off process.  The three telescopes inhabiting this structure are the Obsession 20", the Meade LX200 10" (with CCD), and a Celestron 8" Dobsonian. ( Recent Photo )

August 23: Here is a photo of the summer weather here in Southeastern Arizona - the building in the photo is the Palominas Star Haven Observatory.

August 13: Latest photo of the up & coming observatory. The roof still doesn't roll, and nothing is finished inside, but at least it's now a building!  And don't you love that desert landscaping? Or how about those wonderfully clear skies?

August 2: No photo posted yet, but the roll-off roof for the observatory has been build and all walls are up.  Now working on the support structure for the roof when it rolls off to the north. Hopefully, it won't roll off the building and just KURPLUNK onto the ground!

July 5: Here are two photos of the up & coming observatory here in Palominas, Arizona - I haven't quite decided on the name yet.  The photo file name includes 'Orion Terrace Observatory', which is what we named the street our house is on (Orion Terrace).  The other name I'm considering is 'Palominas Star Haven Observatory', which includes the name of the community we live in.  What do you think?
The top photo shows most of the foundation, except for the area within the warm-up room (since been poured). This view is looking towards the southeast on a nice sunny day.  The bottom photo is most recent, with all the (6 ft) walls up, and just the very start of how the roll-off roof extensions will look.  Taken on a very rain threatening day, which is almost every day now that the summer monsoon is under way. I'm not so sure this will be done by the end of this month! Some of these winds, rain, and lightning storms strike fiercely and can last for several hours at a time.  I can see why there are so many flashfloods here in the SW U.S. during the summer.  And we didn't bring along our boat from California!

June20: Construction has finally begun on the observatory (20 ft. x 25 ft), and weather permitting (our monsoon season is here - the earliest recorded start of it), we hope to complete it by the end of July. I'll  be posting some photos of its progress.

March 17: Being a relatively new member of the Huachuca Astronomy Club of Southeast Arizona, I have been attending meetings and the local star parties.  By good fortunate, I was also appointed 'webmaster' of their web site.  I have been spending quite a lot of time developing this new site, and if you would like to visit it, we sure would appreciate it! The URL is . I am in no way abandoning this site, and will continue to update it also.   Another piece of news is that I am planning out our backyard observatory.  This is no small matter, as the observatory will be at least 20 feet by 20 feet square (6m x 6m), and maybe larger. So I'm busy working on the plans for it too.  I hope that construction will begin no later than the middle of April.  (May 7):Well, now maybe by the middle of May!

Feb. 27: The new 20" telescope has been broken in now, and is definitely a winner!  I have used it here at the house, under very dark skies, and also transported it to a star party where it was a big hit.  It is excellent in collecting the faint light from some very distant and challenging objects - planetary nebulae, galaxies, and some other nebulae that require filters. So I'll be out using it every chance I get, and wish you were here!

Well, the phone joy only lasted a few days!  On the 3rd day of having the one phone line, a backhoe operator was digging a trench a ways from the house and cut the entire phone cable! So it has taken several more days for the phone company to come out and re-splice the cable.  Today, 2/10/00, we were fortunate enough to have the second phone line activated.  Hopefully, this is the end of our phone service problems (yea, right).  My connection speed to the Internet is a blazing 26.4K (In California, it was 46K to 50K).  There is no cable modem or DSL service out here, but I'm happy to be on at all!
The 20" f/5 Obsession Telescope has arrived here in the desert, and I'm putting it through its paces in assembling it and checking all the components.  I'd be out with it now, only its cloudy tonight (what else could be expected when you get a new scope?)!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  On February 2, 2000, after 50 days of no Internet service,  we finally got a phone line (and one more to go).  There are well over 500 email messages to sort through, and getting the web site updated!  That will commence now, but might take a few days.  In addition to getting back online, I will  be receiving the new 20" Obsession Telescope within a few days!  And unlike living where I was in California, I can do all my observing from the backyard instead of traveling two hours to a dark site.  I'll have more later, you can be sure - and for all that have sent me emails, I will be answering them soon!  Thanks, and many Aloha's to you!

Wow  - Here it is Dec. 14th, and yes, we are moving into the new house under the dark skies of Arizona tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the area where the house is, is so new that there is no phone service yet!  So this is my last night for a while with access to the Internet, and that really bum's me out.  I will not be able to update the pages until I reacquire access, and the same goes for email.  My email address will remain the same though ) and I thank you for your support and visit.  Until then, I wish you all the very best for this holiday season and into the upcoming year of 2000!

On the road with Doug:  As of Oct. 15, we have made our 'headquarters' in Sierra Vista.  As of Dec. 15, we will be living in Hereford, AZ (down the road from Sierra Vista).  And there is even a new telescope on order! More later.  Clear Skies! 

Planetary Nebulae Observer's Home Page

** To locate the pages that 'named' reports are on, you can use the SEARCH THIS SITE feature and just enter in the first (or full) name of the person you want to find.  All pages with that name in their contents will be listed.  This SEARCH feature will also work for some objects such as NGCxxxx or ICxxxx, but for objects that normally have a 'hyphen' in their designation, you must use an underscore character ( _ ) rather than the hyphen, and do not put any blank spaces in the search designation  (for example you want to find all references to the planetary He 2-300; in the search box, enter He2_300 )