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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FIVE of my top choice web sites - and One for the Young Astronomers!
 - Two levels of accomplishment : BASIC and ADVANCED ( 60 & 110 objects ) Highly Recommended!
Universe Today
-Space Exploration News from Around the Internet, updated every weekday.
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured.
Hidden Costs Of Light Pollution - A short video from Concerned Smart People!
 (please watch it and have someone turn an outside  light off!)
A Guide to Optical Astronomy  - Referring to the study of Observation and Light.



Planetary Nebulae Images, Photographs, Sketches
(dead links for this section removed Dec. 06 2010)
Foto Search Stock Photos- thousands of astronomical images; browsing through the library is free, and there are no access charges, registration requirements, or usage limits.
Dr. Rich Jacob's  'CCD Amateur Astronomy' site that includes excellent color images of many celestial objects, including planetaries.  This is a must-see web site! (10/01)
SEDS, Arizona: A wonderful astro resource with images and data on many objects.
The Interactive NGC Catalog Online - SEDS
Drawing The Deep Sky - Fred Hissink
Techniques, Tools, and many great examples of deepsky sketches made over 24 years.
STScI Press Release Dec. 17, 1997 - New HST PNe Images Further details on HST PNe images - Dr. Bruce Balick
Electronic Universe Project - Images of Bruce Balick & George Jacoby
Planetary Nebulae Images -  Anglo Australian Telescope Planetary Nebulae Sampler - Kitt Peak National Observatory
Index of PN Files and Images - Anglo Australian Observatory Color Images, wide ranging selection - Kunihiko Okano, Japan
ASP Resources & Home Page
(Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
IAAT Image Gallery Of Planetary Nebulae
 Penn State Univ. Gallery of HST PN Images

Planetary Nebulae Data Resources And Catalogs
Astronomer Paul Alsing's outstanding resource of images, reports and more, ordered by constellation !
Strasbourg ESO PNe Catalog & Database
The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page
Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deepsky Atlas
John Feldmeier's (New) Web Page (8//2001)

  AAO/UKST announce discovery of rich vein of planetaries in southern skies.

Planetary Nebulae Information Web Sites
Planetary Nebulae Formation - Dr. Bruce Balick Vincent Icke's HST Planetary Nebulae page
STScI Press Release; The Rotten Egg Nebula (Puppis) (10/99)
Planetary Nebulae Studies and Papers from the faculty of the U. of Calgary. (08/2001)
STScI Press Release; NGC 6543, The Cat's Eye Nebula Dr. Sun Kwok Home Page - Professional Astronomer, PNe Researcher
Death of Small Stars - Davison E. Soper, University of Oregon
Dr. William B. Latter Home Page - Outstanding Site On Current Research & So Much More!
J. Patrick Harrington's Home Page 
Planetary Nebulae Researcher - Super 2!
I try to forget what happiness was, and when that don't work, I study the stars. - Derek Walcott.

Papers & Articles Related To Planetary Nebulae

Binarity of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae - Howard E. Bond  (11/99)

Survey of Large Planetary Nebulae in Decay - Dr. Thomas Rauch (11/99)

Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Planetary Nebula K648 in the Globular Cluster M15 - Abstract (Howard Bond) 10/00

Planetary Nebula As Standard Candles. III. The Distance to M81 - Penn State University
Planetary Nebula Luminosity Functions For Distances to Galaxies - George Jacoby

Very Cool & Useful Astronomically Related Internet Sites
The Deep Sky Database - an online resource for building customized observing lists How to Tell Time Without A Watch: 
Learn How To Make A Sundial !
(Added April 9, 2012 and Thanks to Sarah R. and Mrs. Fowler in New York state)
The Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC): Information on this great Arizona club, and their Deep Sky Database.
'Cool Observatory' - Many nice CCD Images taken with a C8 system, Discussions, and Links to  hundreds of astronomical personal web sites. (07/00)
Huachuca Astronomy Club (Southeastern Arizona)
Jim Shield's 'Adventures In Deep Space': Challenge Objects To Keep You Busy!
Yahoo! - Science:Astronomy Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT)
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) International Astronomical Union (IAU)
Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) U.S. Naval Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) Mount Wilson Observatory
Lick Observatory (California)
Mauna Kea Observatories (Hawaii) NASA Home Page
International Darksky Association NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California)
Digitized Sky Survey NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)
Sky & Telescope Magazine Astronomy Magazine
San Jose Astronomical Association
Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society
Lake County Astronomical Society - Images, publications, links  Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog 
Deep Sky Observing Reports and More!
The Astronomy Picture Of The Day! Atlanta Astronomy Club - A very active group!
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