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Alphabetical Listing of Gallery Contributors:

    Scott Alder    Michael Büchner   Brad Ehrhorn    Ed Grafton
Tim Hunter & James McGaha    Rich Jakiel
Al Kelly
    Michael Heinick   
David Knisley    Frank Loch    
Kunihiko Okano
  Michael Purcell
      Daniel Restemeier 

19 February 2000: added 7 new sketches to Michael's gallery (gallery 9)
7 December: added new galleries 12 and 13, and new sketches to gallery 10.

Since the list of image wizards and sketch artists who have graciously contributed their excellent work to these pages has grown, it is time to place an index to the various pages for each of them. The links above will connect to the appropriate page, or pages, and I thank each one of them for sharing their marvelous work. If you are interested in an image of a particular object, I should direct you to the Image Index, where there are over 200 images available. In addition, the Search page will locate many, if not all, references to the NGC and IC objects contained on this web site. Unfortunately, it does not work so well with non ngc/ic objects, but those images can still be viewed from the Image Index page as well.


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