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JUNE & JULY, 2012
GJJC1 (in M22) Observation Reports ! 
Dave Mitsky (team-PA) & Stephen Waldee (CA)

Pease1 (in M15) Observation Report (link)! - Stephen Waldee
A NEWPease 1 observation by Wolfgang Howurek - now with a 6" f/8 Refractor! (posted 20130923)


Image:  Planetary Nebula PN G75.5+1.7 ("Soap Bubble" Nebula in Cygnus)
officially designated
Ju1 in 2011; Discovered in 2008 By astronomer Dave Jurasevich and Dave has been given full credit for its discovery by the CDS in Strausborg, France. SIMBAD now lists this planetary nebula on  their website.
 - read this amazing story ; visit Dave's astro-imaging website at
Image credit: T. A. Rector/University of Alaska Anchorage, H. Schweiker/WIYN and NOAO/AURA/NSF

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Another newly discovered planetary nebulae - the 'Soccer Ball' Nebula, for now, designated Kn61: See more info below &  visit this link:

Planetary Nebula Kronberger 61

Kronberger 61 – Amateur Discovery, Amateur Observing?

Yes, Kronberger 61 was discovered by an amateur astronomer, but is it visible to amateurs? As described in this release, Kronberger 61 was indeed discovered by an amateur astronomer, but it was done using data from the Digitized Sky Survey, not in a direct observation through an eyepiece. However, many amateurs have been asking about the newly discovered object’s specs, so here they are:

Central star:
Also known as: GSC-2.3 N2JQ159805 = SDSS J192138.93+381857.2
Constellation: Lyra, near the border with Cygnus
RA = 19:21:38.94 (J2000)
Dec = +38:18:57.2
V = 18.2 (Sloan Digital Sky Survey)

Diameter = 1.5 arcmin
Distance = roughly 13,000 LY

However, seeing the nebula itself is far beyond the capabilities of visual observers since it is barely visible on the second Palomar Optical Sky Survey (POSS-II) blue plate scan, suggesting a surface brightness well below magnitude 25 per square arcsecond! Adding to the difficulty is a 10th magnitude star only about one arcminute away.

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 2009: Have received several positive observations of PN GJJC1 in M22
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